Lalaria Beach Exclusive Tour

Embark on a breathtaking journey to the secluded Lalaria Beach, nestled on the northern shores of Skiathos island, accessible only by boat. This exclusive trip, planned around optimal weather conditions, offers a serene and intimate experience away from the bustling crowds.

Your adventure begins with a convenient pickup by our skilled skipper at your chosen location, ensuring a personalized and comfortable journey. Each of our boats is equipped with a sunshade (bimini) and adheres to the highest safety standards, promising a secure and enjoyable trip.


As you approach Lalaria Beach, be captivated by its stunning natural beauty. The beach is a picturesque haven with smooth white pebbles and towering cliffs that create a magnificent backdrop. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for a refreshing swim, and explore the intriguing nearby caves for an added touch of adventure.

Please note, Lalaria Beach is a pristine and unspoiled destination with no facilities, offering a truly authentic and tranquil beach experience. Join us for this exclusive tour to Lalaria Beach, a must-visit hidden treasure of Skiathos, and immerse yourself in its uncharted beauty.




  • Start Time: Pre-arranged
  • Lalaria Beach: Experience the secluded and stunning natural beauty.
  • Nearby Caves: Explore intriguing caves near the beach.
  • Trip Duration: 1.5¬†hours

* Please note that lunch at tavernas is not included.


  • Life jackets
  • Cool box with refreshments
  • Sound System with Bluetooth
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Beach towels
  • Dry bags
  • Umbrellas