Boat Guide
During your boat trip

All you need to know

If you’ve checked all of the below with no result, you give us a call at

+30 2427021299 or +30 6980956248

in order to assist you further.



What if the engine won't start?

Before you call us you make sure that;




If you’ve done all of the above with no result, you give us a call at +30 2427021299 in order to assist you further.

What if the engine slows down?

1.Switch off the engine, trim it up and make sure that is clear of objects (eg. plastic bag, ropes etc).

2. Check your fuel tank

If you’ve done all of the above with no result, you give us a call at +30 2427021299 in order to assist you further.

What if my anchor is stuck and won’t come up?

1. Make sure you are not close to other boats before you start reversing to different directions so you can help the anchor get released.

2. If you had no luck, call us at +30 2427021299

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How far can we go with the boat if its not windy?

You may go all around the island and visit the islands opposite the port of Skiathos; Tsougria, Tsougriaki and Arkos island.

How far can we go with the boat if there’s wind from the north?

You can visit the the southern coastline meaning stretching from Agia Eleni beach until Arkos island.

What if the weather changes?

We regularly check the weather conditions ensuring that you are safe. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable and you might have to face different conditions than the ones you started with. In this case, we will contact you immediately to give you further directions and make sure your trip back to us will be as smooth as possible.

What you need to know of the


What time should we be back?

You should return the boat back to the rental point (Vromolimnos beach) no later than 17:00.

What happens if I return the boat too late?

After 17:00, there will be a charge of 50 euros for every additional hour.

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Is the fuel enough for our trip?

We provide you with one 25 lt fuel tank and a reserve of 10 liters. Usually, a 25lt tank is enough to take you all around the island but if you run the engine for more than two hours, you need to check that your fuel tank is not running low. In case you run low on fuel, switch off the engine, use the 10 lt reserve to refill and come back to the rental point to refuel.

How do I pay for fuel?

The fuel is paid on your return. We refill your tank and you pay only for the amount that you have used. The cost per liter at our rental point is 2 euros.



How should I approach a beach on the south side?

Most of the beaches on the south side have a boat area and a swimming area. The boat area is marked with yellow/red buoys all lined up right and left so as to form a channel. The boat area is smaller than the swimming area and is always found in front of the watersports centre. You must enter the boat channel in order to let the passengers out and go back out to anchor your boat. If the beach has no defined areas then you should approach the middle part as it is a quite safe option.

How should I approach a beach on the north side?

The northern part of the island is wilder and quite rocky therefore we suggest that you anchor and swim to the beach without getting too close. The beaches on the north side have no defined boat area or swimming area so if you really need to let people out you may approach the middle part. The middle part of the beach is a relatively safe option as it is usually clear of rocks.

How should I approach Lalaria?

Because of its rocky ground, Lalaria is a tricky place to approach therefore, you are not allowed to get too close to the beach with your boat. The best way to see the beach is to anchor your boat at the indicated area and swim to the beach.

Lalaria beach

What you need to know regarding


Where should I anchor at an organised beach?

Always anchor at least 15-20 meters away from the beach. Anchor on the sides of the beach (left or right). Never anchor in the middle of a boat channel and never in the swimming area.

Where should I anchor at a non organised beach?

If the beach is not organised and there is no defined boat area or swimming area, you can anchor 15-20 meters away from the beach wherever there is space for your boat.

Where to anchor on Tsougrias island first beach?

Because of its swallow waters, you need to anchor at a distance further than 20 meters and preferably on the right side facing the beach.

Tsougria beach

Where to anchor in Lalaria?

Lalaria is the trickiest place to anchor you boat because of its ground formation. It is very rocky and it is likely that your anchor will get stuck if you are not careful. Make sure that you keep a 40 meter distance from the beach and that the bottom of the sea is clear of rocks. Take a look at the picture to see what the ideal anchoring position is.

Lalaria beach

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Where can we have lunch on the south side of Skiathos?

We recommend having lunch at Diamanti beach or Arkos island.

Where can we have lunch on the north side of Skiathos island?

We recommend having lunch at Krifi Amos, Kechria or Kastro beach.



What about the three islands opposite Skiathos port?

Arkos; a small beach with sun lounges a family run taverna

Tsougria; on the left, you will find a swallow water beach with sun lounges and a beach/bar restaurant. On the right, you will find a not organised beach, quiet beach with a chapel on a cliff that is worth walking all the way up to.

Tsougriaki; a smaller island right in front of Tsougria. There, you will find two beaches; one facing Skiathos island and another on the opposite side. Ideal for swimming and some privacy.