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Mercruiser , V-8 engines , 260 to 320,

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Dial in – or dial up – ypur boat’s performance with these brawny yet efficient small-block V-8 engines. Ranging in horsepower from 260 to 320, they combine high torque with high displacement to produce optimal acceleration and speed. Install them as singles or as a win installation for up to 640 hp; mate them to Alpha or Bravo drives; add Axius or Digital Throttle & Shift – whatever your propulsion requirements or needs might be, this versatile engine series is a one-stop shop.

Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection regulates the precise amount of fuel required for different driving conditions, resulting in quick starts, smooth idling and improved throttle response.

Engineered for maximum durability, these cast iron engines keep their revs low for longer life. Mercury’s innovative Cool Fuel Module – a water-cooled fuel-delivery system – prevents vapour lock, while Engine Guardian protects your power source from low oil pressure or overheating.

The MerCathode system provides protection against corrosive galvanic currents, while the MercFusion Paint System utilises an electro-deposition primer for a superior seal. SeaCore, which combines a closed-cooling system with industrial hardcoat anodizing, also is available.

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